We qualify your employees

We can offer you custom technical seminars based on our extensive portfolio and experience. Sample seminar: Basic training in injection moulds: (1 day)
  • Basic design of the tools
  • The components in injection moulds
  • Tool manufacturing technology
  • Special injection moulding technologies and their application to tooling jobs
All seminars can be customised from separate modules. We will be glad to work with you on designing your seminar. Sample module: Tool design, parts I + II: (120 min)
  • Introduction to the design process
  • Process for designing injection moulded parts
  • Modern design tools (overview)
  • Description of the design tools
  • Basic design of geometrically simple components/products
Full details about the training and modules offered can be found in this PDF file.

Schulungen und Schulungsbeispiele

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Tsetinis Consulting offers training in cost structure analysis and negotiating skills.

your benefits

  • Targeted training as you imagine it
  • Competent instructors
  • Coordination of individual training needs
  • Basics training
  • Advanced training for professionals

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